CHEMEX® Cream and Sugar Set

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Cards-on-the-table time. We don't really like to add cream and sugar to our single origin, meticulously and painstakingly sourced, delicately and carefully roasted coffee. But sometimes, only a homemade double-double will do. And on that occasion, this is the classiest way to create your beverage of choice.

It's even super simple to use: cream (or even milk as it's so versatile) goes in the bottom, and sugar in the top. And all topped off with a wooden lid to keep your sucrose contaminant free.

Handblown, beautifully formed, and the perfect companion to your Chemex. If this little beauty adorns your table, your home-style factor will skyrocket and any number of TV reality shows will want to use your crib as a set.

  • Wooden lid made in the USA
  • Glass base to hold cream
  • Upper glass chamber holds sugar
  • Easy to clean
  • Heat-resistant non-porous Borosilicate glass made in Germany
  • Super pretty!
  • Brew Coffee in your Chemex Coffeemaker
  • Put cream (or milk!) in the bottom and sugar in the top
  • Serve with the coffee!

coffee maker brewer pourover pour-over pour over lid set serving accessory accessories

Eight Ounce Coffee is the exclusive partner and distributor of Chemex in Canada, you will always be guaranteed to received an authentic Chemex product. We are coffee lovers, are deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry, and truly care about your experience. From ordering to brewing we are here to answer any questions that you may have.

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