CHEMEX® Double Walled Coffee Mug




James Bond's favourite coffee maker (at least, we like to think so) just got a fine new companion. A double-walled glass coffee mug that's a delight to drink out of and matches your CHEMEX® coffeemaker! The double-walled construction provides extra insulation and when you fill this mug up with coffee, voila! It holds the coffee in the shape of the CHEMEX® coffeemaker for a magical experience only outdone by the great taste of the cup you've just brewed. That is, if your coffee making skills are as good as the eminent spy's.

  • Capacity (to Rim): 296ml (10 oz.)
  • Height: 11.8cm (4 5/8")
  • Diameter: 8.6cm (3 3/8")
  • Double-walled borosilicate glass

Brew some coffee in your CHEMEX® coffeemaker and serve it in this beautiful, matching glass mug.

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Eight Ounce Coffee is the exclusive partner and distributor of Chemex in Canada, you will always be guaranteed to received an authentic Chemex product. We are coffee lovers, are deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry, and truly care about your experience. From ordering to brewing we are here to answer any questions that you may have.

See a complete range of Chemex products from Eight Ounce Coffee.

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