CHEMEX® Glass Mug




If James Bond ever misplaced his martini glass, he probably would have reached for this.

CHEMEX® have gone and designed this stunning glass mug in the same beautiful hourglass shape as their iconic glass brewers. Not just a novelty glass, this mug is also a pleasure to sip from.

Made from the same glass as the rest of the handblown CHEMEX® collection, this 10oz glass mug takes you from CHEMEX®-start to CHEMEX®-finish in your morning coffee routine.

  • 10oz (300ml) capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Handblown heat-resistant non-porous borosilicate glass made in Germany
  • Super pretty!
  • Make some of your favourite coffee in your CHEMEX® coffeemaker
  • Pour yourself a nice mug full in your new CHEMEX® Glass Mug
  • Take a deep breath to take in the aromas of this wonderful coffee while you savour the beauty of your new mug
  • Exhale and allow your worries to slip away

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Eight Ounce Coffee is the exclusive partner and distributor of Chemex in Canada, you will always be guaranteed to received an authentic Chemex product. We are coffee lovers, are deeply involved in the specialty coffee industry, and truly care about your experience. From ordering to brewing we are here to answer any questions that you may have.

See a complete range of Chemex products from Eight Ounce Coffee.

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